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Orange House Laundry Natural 5 in 1 Detergent Pods 12 Pacs

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$15.00 - $54.00
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  • 5 in 1 Pods: The detergent pod helps softening, brightening, to remove odor, to fight stains and it is gentle for skin. Perfect for your everyday usage.
  • Granule Formula: Our solid pod preserves the active cleaning properties and avoids spoilage.
  • Natural & Fresh : The premium detergent pod contained with 100% cold-pressed orange oil and plant-based ingredients provides your family the most gentle laundry solution.
  • Simply Put: Solid pods can be put into any standard or HE washer. Mess free and easy to clean.
  • Safe for Skin: Orange House products are USDA certified and with 0% dyes, no artificial brighteners, no synthetic scents, no harmful chemicals, no phosphates and no artificial fragrances.
Quantity: pack of 1 ($15.00 each)