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Introducing East Meets West Wife: Welcome to the Asian Beauty World!

Introducing East Meets West Wife: Welcome to the Asian Beauty World!


Hi Beauties, I'm East Meets West Wife aka Carrie Davalos.

East Meets West Wife was born in Los Angeles, California 2016 when I got married and moved back to US! I am original from Taiwan and had difficulty finding a right cosmetics that match my skin type in US. 

With my MBA degrees and sources from Taiwan, I became a wholesaler providing Taiwanese/ Japanese and Korean cosmetics products to local beauty storessince 2017, with the strong marketing strategy, useful tips, trendy information and accessibility to Asian products, we launched our Chinese online store since 2019, English online store since 2020.

I started blogging nearly ten years ago but took a good few years off, deciding to launch East Meets West Wife properly in 2016 as a full time blogger. Since then I've worked with some of the US's biggest J-beauty stores including the likes of Takashima, Beauty Corner, Miibox. I'm so proud to have partnered with each and every one.
My goal is to create a curated destination site that makes all the best asian beauty products and the latest skincare from Tawian, Japan and Korea accessible to beauty-forward women in the US!
I look forward to sharing my experience and passion for beauty with you, and demystify the wonderful world of Asian beauty!
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